Hello Gorgeous! I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Jenn, and I’m a Classic, Lifestyle, and Documentary Wedding Photographer!

The first time I photographed a Wedding, I fell in LOVE with everything. The moment I stepped through the door, the emotion hanging in the air just washed over me and I was obsessed!

The beauty, the LOVE, the dreams come true, the amazing future that was beginning….

And from that moment on, there was no turning back! That first day fueled a passion in me that I never even knew was there, and over the years it has only transformed into something that I am truly BLESSED to call my job!

Documenting your love in a truly unique way that allows you to relive your moments every time you flip through your Wedding Album is my DREAM for every couple!

My approach to Wedding Photography is centered on a truly unique and PERSONAL experience. From the moment that we first meet, I want to know what makes your love SPECIAL!


Do you wake up in the morning to a love note on a post-it? Are your days spent binge-watching the latest series, or exploring a new mountain trail? Does he take your car just to fill up your gas tank? Does she watch you sweetly when she thinks you aren’t looking?

THESE are the moments that make up your love story. The ones that really matter. The ones I want to know!

My job on your wedding day isn’t to take beautiful photos. It’s to write YOUR beautiful and unique story of love, devotion, and happiness through images! Capturing your moments as they unfold and knowing which moments are meaningful to you. Documenting your day in a way that truly speaks to YOUR unique love for one another.

My distinctive process of diving in and learning about my couples starts with our initial consultation. No detail is too small, no story too trivial. Throughout your planning process, my goal is to get to know you, your love, and your life on an intimate level, because if I don’t know your love story, how can I write it?





Virginia wedding photographer
Virginia wedding photographer
Virginia wedding photographer
Virginia wedding photographer

Sweet Adeline by Jenn Marie, Virginia Wedding Photographer for Fun, Free, and Genuine East Coast Couples!